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This is Raw

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This is not about people with a passion for beauty and preserving youth. This is not about people who live and breathe cosmetics. This is not about high-tech ingredients in moisturisers or hair care.

THIS IS RAW is about doing more with less. Less product, more uses. Less ingredients, more benefits. This is about taking the best of nature, and the best of design, to help people make the best of modern day life.

This is our logic. Because what we do + how we live, is natural. And at the heart of this brand is a desire to make skincare + beauty just that, too. Derived from nature and good for you. This is how we think. Why mess with what nature provides?

This is how it happened. We discovered coconut oil and its multiple benefits accidently. After using the oil for cooking, we learned it could be used for everything else, too. An all-purpose product: moisturising faces, bodies + hair, shaving faces + limbs, and removing makeup.

We couldn’t understand why there was a need for all different products, when you could use this one, for all of the things. A jar for the shower, the sink, and the bedside table. But let’s be raw. The garden-variety packaging wasn’t doing it for us. And we couldn’t find a beauty brand that looked as good on display as it felt on our skin. So we made our own: a designer-looking product, for man, woman and child.  

This is what we realised. The hard texture in winter and hot liquid in summer wasn’t ideal. So we reconstructed the balm and kept the same smooth texture. Now, no matter what the temperature, THIS IS RAW works for all people on all occasions. A cosmetic-grade Coconut Balm. But made from natural ingredients and nothing else. Just straight up coconut oil with a twist of our citrus scent.

This has been a project in the making for over two years. Not because we don’t work fast, but because we’re perfectionists. And our products needed to be as organic as possible, without compromising luxury or ingredients.

This is the result. It took time, but we are so proud of what we’ve created. This is for you.