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Interview: Interior Designer Emma Mahlook

Designer Emma Mahlook is the creative director of Mim Design Studio in our local city of Melbourne, Australia. Emma is an impressive interior designer. We interviewed her on her design process, tips for a beautifully styled bathroom and what features make for a fab interior. This is her story.

Hi Emma. Can you tell us a bit about you, and what led you into interior design?

Since I was little, I’ve always been fascinated by art – and loved all mediums from drawing and painting to photography and woodwork. I never knew what I wanted to do until late into my final year of school, when one of my teachers suggested I looked into Architecture or Interior Design.


You work with a variety of creative forms at Mim Design Studio, from designing businesses and workplaces to home décor and branding. Which do you prefer?

I like all sectors of design because it keeps things very diverse and interesting.
My background is in retail and hospitality design, so I have a natural tendency to draw to those types of projects, however renovations and extensions of homes is also something I also really enjoy, as it inspires me for how I’d like my own dream house to be - something I hope to do one day!  


There are quite a few elements in bringing together a bathroom (and by extension, the whole house). Are you involved in all creative aspects of the design process? How does it work?

Yes, I generally am involved in most aspects from the concept design through to the detailing and documentation. As I am a creative director I probably tend to do a lot more leading and running of projects these days, however I still love drawing and working out all the details when I can.


How would you describe your own styling aesthetic at home?

I would say it’s quite eclectic. My taste is a variation of different styles and I tend to mix it up a bit, as I’m not necessarily into any one particular thing. For example sometimes I like something quite vintage, but then I’ll also be drawn to a minimal and modern aesthetic as well.


The bathroom pictured is part of a renovation on a Californian Bungalow in Melbourne. Can you tell us a bit about the features? Where did the inspiration come from for the look and feel of it?

This Mim Design project was based on the period detailing of the Californian Bungalow era, however interpreted in more of a modern and timeless manner. Black strapping and simplified moulding details were all key elements of the home. The bathroom consists of saviour marble from CDK stone; powder coated black steel detailing to the glazing and mirrors, and tapwear by Brodware. This project had a great team working on it and the result is beautiful!


What design features (big or small) make a bathroom look its best?

If there’s the budget for use of a natural stone, even if just on the vanity – it can make a bathroom look very special. It adds such a beautiful soft texture to the surfaces where it’s used. Also, adding a featured light fitting is always a nice touch too.


Do you have any tips for us on how to style a bathroom nicely?

Less is more. A small plant and some beautiful product like THIS IS RAW is all you need!


Second image courtesy of Mim Design Studio, Instagram.