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Profile: Aleksandar Jason, This Is Raw photographer

Behind the scenes of our first THIS IS RAW product shoot, we chat to Aleksandar Jason, professional photographer + artist, about how to pull together a photo shoot, why humans love nature, and what makes a great photo. This is his story.


Hi Aleks. Can you tell us a bit about you, and what led you into photography?

Everyone has a story about their own journey into photography; for me it was just something I felt comfortable with. It’s a very long story, but I have to say that hard work does pay off.


What does a typical day look like for you?

(Laughs) It seriously all depends on the day. I always make sure to give myself enough time to adventure, and ideally a road trip and to spend time with my fiancé.

But it always depends on month - December is usually one of those crazy times where sleep doesn’t exist. An example of a recent day would go as such:

Wake up at 6am, have breakfast at 9am, a photo shoot with Tim Cahill until approximately 2pm, then lunch, then spend the afternoon and evening editing. Bedtime happens around midnight.


Your work is very diverse, from product photography to landscapes, and portraiture to fashion editorial. Which form speaks to you the most?

Each type of photography brings a different feeling to me, however I think it’s landscapes that I love the most. It’s the freedom I have with it; being able to share the incredible views I see and memories I make.


You have some beautiful nature shots that really resonate with THIS IS RAW. There’s fair discussion on the emotional connection between humans and nature. Why do you think we’re so drawn to it?

We live our lives in the city or a suburban area, and the feeling of adventure is something anyone at any age gets excited about – it’s euphoric. The sense of getting away from the norm and into an environment that can be seen by many, but differently by yourself. It’s your own connection with the environment.


What makes a great photo?

It all depends on what that photo means to you, as a photographer – all you want to do is create something that not only your audience will like, but something that you yourself feels worthy of all the hard work and dedication you have put in to it all.


How did the creative vision come together for you for the THIS IS RAW photoshoot? Tell us a bit about the location and set up.

The message behind the branding was clear from the beginning. I loved the idea of a normal household item in an environment like the apartment we were in. The unusual New York apartment vibe in Melbourne on the streets of Fitzroy - can’t get better than that! The timber inside had aged beautifully, alongside the characteristics of the bath and basin. It was a match made perfectly for THIS IS RAW.


What’s important to remember when pulling together a photo shoot for a client?

Having a mutual understanding is by far a key part.


Do you have any tips for those starting out in the industry?

Work hard and set goals. Nothing is easy in life – not even taking a single photo. Always enjoy the task to document and always make mistakes as you learn.


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